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Reader Story: I’m Retiring from Get Rich Slowly

Reader Story: I’m Retiring from Get Rich Slowly. I just wanted to say thank you JD Roth! You are a great inspiration and I’m an avid follower of the Get Rich Slowly blog (which is on my blogroll). I noticed … Continue reading

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Aubrey Lee and Jill Johnson’s Frugal Oxygen Therapy Alternative

Originally posted on All-Natural Health and Weight Loss:
Are you looking into ways to lose weight? Have you heard of Oxygen Therapy? If you don’t know what oxygen therapy is… here is a quick explanation… According to Fitday: There are…

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Here’s A Really Cute Story on Saving!

Here’s proof that it’s never too early to learn about gradually getting wealthy! A boy did chores to earn cash to buy what he wanted: an iPad. He was brought up in a family that was frugal. He started earning … Continue reading

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How Student Loan Debt is Like Being on Life’s Indebtedness List

Let’s face it – being burdened by student loan debt is like being on the indebtedness list for a long time. You probably saw a list of who has to pay their fines and late dues back in high school. … Continue reading

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Rich People, too, Take Staycations (It’s Flutin’ True, I Tell You!)

You may be thinking that rich people possibly can’t take staycations. They are only for those on an especially tight budget and those escaping living paycheck to paycheck. They’d visit local places that really don’t sound fancy, like regular parks … Continue reading

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