Aubrey Lee and Jill Johnson’s Frugal Oxygen Therapy Alternative

I just read something on one of my favorite blogs – the official one from Oxycise!

I’ve been doing it faithfully and it saved a lot of gas in our car that could have been used to taxi me to the health club! Along with other exercise equipment around the house (like weights and my own body, core included), there wasn’t any need to go there!

Back to that interesting post by Aubrey Lee. She was discussing about oxygen therapy for weight loss. It involves you lying on a table with a mask on you or getting injected. That’s scary. And it costs hundreds to even thousands of dollars. That’s DOUBLE scary.

Well, to quote Lee here, “Oxycise! is a healthy, simple, 15-minute a day alternative to oxygen therapy with the same results of boosting your health.” I like how frugal this is. In fact, I have lost 12 inches (5 from waist) so far since starting it in June. Not to mention that I lost 7 pounds either.

Well, just walking and using household items as weights (and you, for core exercises) can help you burn fat without burning holes in your wallet. Adding Oxycise! amps it up even more, even if you are a naysayer of the product.

All-Natural Health and Weight Loss

Are you looking into ways to lose weight?

Have you heard of Oxygen Therapy? If you don’t know what oxygen therapy is… here is a quick explanation…

According to Fitday: There are two basic ways for you to receive oxygen therapy. The first is for you to have a mask strapped over your face that delivers clean oxygen to you. The second way to get oxygen therapy is for you to get an intravenous needle that delivers more oxygen to your body through your bloodstream. The thought process behind why oxygen therapy may help speed up the weight loss process is simple. Fat inside of your body is comprised of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. So by adding more oxygen to your body, the oxygen should force the fat to get more oxygen and turn into either water or carbon dioxide. Both of these can be safely removed from the…

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