About Me

Let me tell you something: few autistics are millionaires.

Well, I’m that one autistic person who will be one once I reach one of the top positions of my business.

You’re asking, “What business? What are you doing for a living?”

Well, I am a network marketer (a 5LINX rep to be exact). I am one of the people who not only sells product, but brings in the sales of those I sponsor. And I’m in the process of getting a day job. I once had doubts about doing both the day job and the business, but I learned that it’s OK not to quit the former for a while even when I reach the top.

I’m also aware of the people who say that network marketing is not for everyone. That may be you, if you are one of the “no’s.” That’s why I created Gradually Getting Wealthy not because you wanted to be a network marketer but in case you don’t want to because you think all companies in the field are scams, I believe that you too can build wealth by living frugally.

Oh, and I’m proud to have been born and bred in New Jersey (Exit 155P off the Parkway, in Paterson). Maybe someday when I reach top position, I’ll move back to help autistics be more independent.


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